Skin Tag Removal at Home


Skin Tag Removal at HomeSkin Tag Removal at Home – A skin tag is the eruption on the skin which protrudes out as benign growth. It often appears at the skin folds. These are usually painless. They not create any issue but are the danger of beauty.

It is usually affordable to remove the skin tags by applying the home remedies;

  • To remove the skin tags apply the finger nail polish two to three times each day until the tag will fall. It takes few days to remove the skin tags from the skin.
  • Mix the castor oil and baking soda and make soft paste of it. Apply this mixture three times a day. After few days the skin tags will die.
  • The herbal extract made by three plants melaleuca alternifolia, raciness communes and thuja occidentalis.The paste is applied on the skin tag area   for few days. It will surely remove them in few days.
  • Doctors usually tie the base of the tag to cut off the blood circulation from the tag. Similarly it can be done in home by the use of small piece of dental floss.
  • Another effective method of removal of skin tags is the application of apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply the tea tree oil two or three times in a day will also helpful in removing the skin tags.
  • Duct tape is also effective in removing the skin tags .Cover the skin tag with the duct tape. It will weaken the tag and eventually it will fall.
  • Vitamin E is also helpful in removing the skin tags.  Apply the vitamin E oil at the band aid and apply it on the skin tag. Then wait until it will loosen up and remove it to see whether it will fall or not. Repeat it until the desired results have been obtained.
  • All these methods not bring the drastic results; so it requires patience and good deal in application to remove them in home.