Smokey Eyes For Brown Eyes


smokey eyes for brown eyesSmokey Eyes For Brown EyesEye make up play the great role in making the facial features attractive. The best eye makeup’s not only accentuate the features but also give the glamorous look to the whole make up. Smokey eye make up transform the whole look dramatically. It will contribute much in boosting the feature. While you are going for party at night with Smokey eye makeup it will make you an eye catching appearance. The Smokey eye make up with blue eyes have magical spell at the viewers. If you are master in application and blending technique, it will take only few minutes to make up the eyes.

These are following tips for the Smokey make up for blue eyes:

  • Apply the base to the entire face. After this apply the base, congealer and powder to the eye area. If you don’t want to apply the base or concealed then you will apply only the powder so that the other make up stick with eye make up well.
  • Line the bottom and top eye lids with navy blue or dark greenish charcoal color eye liner pencil. With the use of cotton swab or sponge soften the line.
  • Now apply the dark blue shade at the upper eye lid. Concentrate at the outer corners of the eye to have the cat look
  • For the Smokey look use the charcoal or blackish shade at the   extreme  outer corners  making the  horizontal V under the brow bone and blend this well with the edges of the base dark blue shade .
  • High light the area under the brow bone with shimmers highlighter .Make all strokes outward.
  • Finish the Smokey eye make up by applying two or three coats of black mascara at the lashes lavishly.

Apply the second coat when the first one is fully dried.