Solutions for Summer Skin Problems

Solutions for Summer Skin Problems
Solutions for Summer Skin Problems

Besides a lot of fun and excitement, summer season also bring many skin issues along. The reason is, too much heat and humidity traps grim and infection causing organisms in the skin, which results in acne breakout and oiliness. Besides acne, sunburn, sweating, smearing of makeup and premature aging are some of other problems many of us face during summers. But if you follow a few simple tips, you can enjoy the summer with all its pros and cons.

Prevent Acne

Many people experience acne breakouts in the summer and for those having oily and acne prone skin, the summer season isn’t less than a foe as it aggravates their skin condition. However, the condition can be easily deal with through cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin with products that all contain salicylic acid. It eliminates the current breakouts and prevent occurrence of breakouts in future. Acne gel is best for treating spots.

Avoid Oiliness

Skin oiliness is another pesky skin condition many people experience in summer. First and foremost tip to fix the condition is to curb the urge of touching your face as you don’t wish to aggravate your skin condition. Prevent the oil with a mortifying primer, keeping in mind that completely matte skin looks inappropriate in the summer. Try to get a natural or a slight dewy look. If your oil does get unmanageable, blot it slightly with blotting paper or a clean paper napkin.

Prevent Sunburn

One more painful part of summer season is sunburn. To prevent sunburn, wear sunscreen almost half an hour before going out in the sun and keep on reapplying it during the day. Avoid sun exposure when the rays are more intense. Wear light-weight, full sleeve dress and brimmed hat while heading outdoors.

Prevent Premature Ageing

Tanning plus sunburn contribute a lot to premature ageing. After a while, the skin becomes hard, leathery and blotchy. To prevent such condition, wear a sun block regularly, avoid tanning, and experiment with a night serum containing Vitamin C and collagen producing agents to cut down sun damage.

Prevent Makeup Meltdown

The high temperature, sweat and humidity make makeup run and go down off your face. Use the cream-based cosmetics, and keep your makeup light. Use moisturizer carefully and apply any other cosmetic after the moisturizer sinks in completely. Also avoid overdoing with powder.