Special Mehndi Designs for The Occasion of EID


Special Mehndi Designs for The Occasion of EIDIn Muslim Community all over the world the occasion of Eid is celebrated wit the special consideration and a lot of joy. They spent a lot of money in purchasing new stuff like dresses, shoes other wear-up and stuff for home as they consider it as the gift from All mighty ALLAH. Well I am going to talk about the thing which is not an important thing for boys but it is like a necessity for girl on the occasion of Eid and that is Mehndi. For now a day it has become a must have thing for the girls on the occasion of Eid.

Just one day before the Eid girls spend the whole day and night in purchasing mehndi and bangles. After that the most important and biggest thing is to apply the mehndi on the hands in different and fabulous style. Special Mehndi Designs for The Occasion of EIDsome of the girls spend their a lot of time and money in the beauty parlor and saloon to have a beautiful mehndi designs on their hands by the artist who charge heavy amount of money in the shape of money as their fee well it is not affordable for all the girls.Special Mehndi Designs for The Occasion of EID

Well, i am going to tell you what is affordable for every girl that is apply the mehndi on your hands by your own. Here is the latest and modern mehndi style which can be worn by the girls at their home with the help of little practice. They can also make these designs more attractive by using some of the stuff like glitter, colors, whitener, nail shiner and beads. Here are the pictures of the mehndi designs especially for the Eid Occasion and this are also can be worn at the wedding and parties.