Stop Biting Nails For Nails Health American Academy of Dermatology


Stop Biting Nails For Nails Health American Academy of Dermatology ; Usually your body gesture tells about your mental state. Nail biting is also a habit which indicates some mental stress and irritability. It is found in both genders and in all age groups. It feels awkward in looking as well as from health view. It will disturb the healthy texture of your nails as well as the UN sterilized hands cause UN hygienic conditions of the body.

So to stop the nail biting following measures should be taken;

  • As it is the psychological problem so the treatment should be initiated by using mental powers. Make your will power so strong that the thing which you not want to do will not do. As you take your hands near to your mouth divert your mind to some other activity and force yourself not to do that in hypnotized way.
  • Eradicate the reason which causes you to bite your nails, if at the stress then do other stress management techniques.
  • Strict you to the manicure and for this you spend time, money and to search the professionals to whom you spend much to visit. So in this way you will be careful for   nail biting due to expenditures of manicure.
  • Keep your nails short and properly polished, if these are short then the temptation for biting is less and if have nail polish then you will be conscious for its unpleasant look.

Stop Biting Nails For Nails Health

  • There are different products available in market in form of lotions, nail polishes which have bitter taste and when applied on nails they give the unpleasant taste on nail biting so apply them frequently after every hand wash if these are lotions.
  • Try to hold something in your hands as pen or pillow which is harmless and instead of taking hands to your mouth you restrict them from going to mouth. Stop Biting Nails For Nails Health

So to overcome this habit a persistent check is applied on owns self.