Summer Skin Tips


The change in season brings many summer skin related problems. During the summer season, the skin of people becomes dry and looks very dull and unattractive, so it is very essential to care the skin a lot during the summer season. Here are 7 summer skin tips. Avoid the skin care products containing heavy artificial moisturizers they make the skin dry. Make use of hydrating shielding lotion to heal, protect and moisturize dry sensitive skin.

Take and maintain a good diet containing all required nutrients. Make use of fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin A, Vitamin A prevents dryness of skin. Keep your body by drinking plenty of water to keep your body and skin healthy. Make a routine of taking bath daily. It keeps the entire body clean and keeps it cool. Use of lemon juice in bathing water keeps the skin fresh by removing dead skin.

Use astringents and tones to clean the pores properly and make the skin defensive against the fungal infection. Toning maintains the oil balance in skin. Use exfoliating scrubs for reducing built-up of dead cells during summer season makes the use of microdarmbration cream to remove tanned skin. It must be used only once in a week.

Dark circles, under eyes are one of the major problems during summer season. Two most commonly used remedies for dark circles are washing the eyes three times a day, and application of banana paste around eyes.