Sunburn Blisters Treatment


Sunburn is the consequence of excessive and frequent exposure to the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun or any other source such as tanning. The victim of sunburn suffers a lot of pain and the affected area of his skin experience redness and inflammation.

A couple of day after the sunburn occurs, the tone of the skin turns brown or reddish brown and this color persists until the skin utterly dries out and ultimately peels off. Very severe burns are, however, quite complicated as they involve the deeper skin layer as well. Blister formation is one of the complications attached with the severe burns.

These blisters are in fact our skin’s reaction against the sudden and prolonged exposure to heat and are a part of curative process of the affected area. The size of the blisters may vary. Therefore, it is very necessary to treat these blisters immediately to stimulate the healing process.

Here are some tips on how to manage sunburn blisters

Putting on the cold compress over the burnt skin can do the trick. It pacifies and alleviates the burning sensation you feel just after the burn. Besides, it doesn’t let the burn spread over other areas. Repeat the process every 2-3 hours to get relief from soreness and pain. Don’t apply alcohol or alcohol containing products; it will further aggravate the condition.

Application of any quality and best suited moisturizer over the effected skin is very necessary. It keeps the skin subtle and intact thus prevents breakups on the skin. The breakups expose your skin making it more susceptible to bacterial infections. You may also consider using Vaseline on the skin lesions to speed up the healing process and to soften up the new skin.

Hold back your urge to puncture the lesions. Doing so will cause infection and in turn will slow down the curative process.

Don’t let anything such as hands or clothes etc. come in frequent contact with the blisters. Also avoid any further exposure to heat and sun.

If find it difficult to stand the pain, take pain reliever to relieve pain. You may also put on any creams or gels that are formulated for this purpose. However, you need to be very careful while using such gels or creams; never use the product containing anesthetics like benzocaine. This cause numbness to give temporary relief to the pain that can further worsen the condition.