Symptoms Allergic Reaction Jewelry

Symptoms Allergic Reaction Jewelry
Symptoms Allergic Reaction Jewelry

Depending upon different of factors, our skin react the contact with jewelry differently. There are three symptoms of skin’s allergic reaction against the metal jewelry.

  • Skin blackening: Alleged black dermographism
  • Skin inflammation: Irritated skin
  • Skin inflammation: Allergic reaction

Black Dermographism

Black skin hyper-pigmentation bring out by the jewelry pieces isn’t any skin damage, an inflammatory condition or any pathology. Rather, it’s an undisruptive sign of the separation of metal particles. These separated particles of the metal deposit over your skin and after experiencing chemical changes (oxidize) leave a black color over the skin.

Separated filings that trigger these changes are: silver, brass, zinc and gold. Skin’s roughness is mostly responsible for the formation of these filings. Rough skin acts as an abrasive on the surface of metal and thus causes filing formation.

It is a common knowledge that the particular features of the wearer’s skin influence the occurrence of these signs a lot. One of the vital factors contribute to the allergic reactions is sweat composition.

Skin Inflammation – Consequence of Skin Irritation Caused By Metal

Skin inflammation rooted by an irritation is the outcome of the sway of the materials which destroy the calloused cuticle and then cause an inflammatory condition of the epidermis and dermis underneath the surface of skin. These sings exist in every victim’s case however the intensity of these signs is different in everyone.

Inflammatory Conditions: Possible Symptom of Allergy

Inflammatory condition is the symptom of the strong immune reactions of an organism, and is called allergy. Our immune system protects against the destroying impact of the outer environment and neutralizes or removes the harmful substances.

The immune system of some people reacts pathologically and cause inflammatory conditions.

Natural as well as synthetic substances can trigger allergic reaction. Though the metals plays vital role in metabolic process as trace element, they can be possibly harmful. Through our skin the metals that are in the ionic form get into our body and our system process, remove or store these metals.

In the case of those people who are allergic to the metals, the ions that separate from the alloys, used in the production of jewelry, bring out the skin inflammatory conditions.