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A regular manicure treatment is necessary to keep your hands and nails looking gorgeous and stunning all the time. Nicely manicured hands add to your personality’s charm and appeal.

When it comes to manicure, most women rush towards expensive salons or hire the services of professional to get the treatment done. However, it can also be done at home by yourself. All what needed is to learn the steps of a perfect manicure treatment:

Manicure Tips

Remove: Starting off with a clean canvas is the first secret to the perfect ultimate look. Same is true for manicure as well; unless your nails are not clean and dirt free, you can’t achieve the perfect manicure. So, begin with cleaning the nails with an acetone nail-color remover. It will take any old nail-color, oil and other impurities off your nails, leaving them ready for the mani.

Trim: Now trim the nails to the preferred length and then shape them in a shape of your choice. As far as the nail-shape is concerned, there are two chief options: round and square. Otherwise you can also shape them oval.

Soak: Next step is steeping your hands in a bowl full of tepid soapy water for a couple of minutes. This will soften up the nails and cuticles.

Soften: After taking hands out of water, towel dry them and massage them with a liberal amount of cuticle oil or a quality hand cream/lotion, concentrating more on any rough skin areas.

Push: Using a cuticle or orange stick, nudge the cuticles back gently so they don’t hinder the smooth nail-color application. You may also want to cut the cuticles but it’s highly advisable to avoid doing so as you’ll make your nails more susceptible to infection this way.

Scrub: Exfoliation treatment gets your hands rid of any dead and dry cells that tend to make them look worn out and exhausted. Using a good body scrub, exfoliate your hands gently for a while and then wash thoroughly.

Moisturize: Dry up your hands thereafter and moisturize them well with a rich to replenish them the lost moisture.

Polish: Finally, paint your nails. First use a base coat and after it is dried, apply two-three thin coats of colored nail polish, sealing it with the top coat finally.

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