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Our hands and nails are one of the countless blessings that have been bestowed upon us. But these precious gifts of the Creator are usually taken for granted by the people while concentrating on face, hair and teeth’s beauty. It’s a very negative approach. You nail and hands too call for attention and if left neglected, they tend to ruin your whole personality ultimately.

Nail Care tips

Here are given a few basic nail care tips which everyone should follow to maintain the health and shine of their nails.

  • Water can be the worst enemy of your nails. Prolonged and excessive exposure to water leaves your nails dry and brittle that are easily breakable. So, avoid exposing your nails for extended periods of time so as to maintain their health and strength.
  • The detergents and chemicals present in the dish washing bars and laundry cleansers tend to have extremely drying effects onto your nails. Therefore, it’s very important to prevent your nails from coming in direct contact with the detergents. For this, be sure to get your hands into cotton-lined rubber gloves while doing household chores.
  • Never remove the cuticles; rather nudge them back gently. Actually, the cuticles serve as the barrier and don’t let the harmful organisms and bacteria enter your skin. Cutting the cuticles means you’re allowing germs to get into your nails, making them prone to breakage. So, be careful!
  • If unfortunately you develop hangnail, make sure not to pull it off or you’ll rip the living tissues. Rather snip it with the help of a nail clipper, leaving a little angle outward.
  • Stay away from the nail products containing acetone, toluene, sulfonamide, or formaldehyde as an ingredient.
  • File your nails wisely. Don’t use swinging motion to file the nails; rather file them in single direction (from corner to center).
  • Nail biting is a big “No” for healthy and robust nails. This unhealthy habit can cause irreparable damage to your nails and cuticles.
  • Don’t employ your nails as a tool such as to open a letter or as a screw-driver. It can cause your nails to split, break and peel.
  • Last but not the least; follow a healthy diet containing all essential nutrients like fruits, veggies, nuts, meat, fish, dairy products and eggs etc. Moreover, drink plenty of water to keep you body and nails well hydrated.


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