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Oily skin is probably the most common and most annoying skin type that is backed by over-activated sebum glands. The unremitting secretion of oil by the sebum glands gives your skin a constant sheen that can never be swept away with any powder.

Oily skin can be caused by a bunch of reasons such as genetics, hormonal changes, menopause, puberty, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Such skin is hotbed for acne causing germs therefore it is very important to take proper care of it so as to prevent any sort of breakouts:

Skin Care

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

The first and foremost skincare tip for oily skin is to keep it clean always. Wash your face with a quality oil-control face wash often in order to get rid of excess oil and other impurities. Once you have cleansed the face, follow up with a good astringent-based toner. This will help you to minimize the pores and thus diminishes the secretion of excess oil.

The third step towards healthy skin is moisturization. When you’ve oily skin, an oil-free or water-based moisturizer is just right for you. Moisturize your skin each time after cleansing and whenever needed. Picking off the right cosmetic products is also very crucial for maintaining a robust skin. It is highly recommended to steer clear of alcohol-containing cosmetics as they tend to have extremely drying effects onto your skin.

Try not to consume junk foods with high fat content. Also avoid the use of processed sugary foods and those containing preservatives in them. All these foods do nothing but to aggravate your skin condition. Sometimes using birth control pills may also prove helpful in controlling the production of excess oil by keeping your body’s androgen level in check.

Last but certainly not the least; nourish your skin with a nourishing face mask made of fullers earth, rose water, and lemon juice twice a week. Also make it a point not to sleep without taking cosmetics off the skin as remnants of makeup clog the skin pores making it more susceptible to acne and breakouts.

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