Taylor Swift’s Father Orders Harry Styles


Taylor Swift's father orders Harry StylesRight from the time they are in a relationship media is trying to cover each and every gesture of them either it is normal or abnormal but now the media has just blasted the thing which is denied by the couple but has made both of them quite careful about their relationship. It was reported that a rumor has just hit the online media through social networking that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are planning to get married secretly soon in the near future. So the Taylor’s father has decided to take a serious step and the first thing he did was to ask the Harry Styles to keep the relationship quite cool as he dont want her daughter to get hurt.

23-year old Taylor Swift’s father has shown that he is very possessive about her daughter so he has asked the boyfriend of her daughter Harry Styles to slow down their relation as they both were in the rumor on the internet that they are going to married. Scott, the father of Taylor has said that he doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt. He said that ”doesn’t want the pair to end their romance but is just protecting his daughter’s happiness.”

A statement given by the “The Sun” on Sunday that, “He likes Harry but he wants them to slow down and take things easy. It’s clear to everyone they are smitten with one another and are already talking about marriage. He doesn’t want them to split up.” Further it is stated by the The Sun that, “Harry is head over heels for Taylor and even admitted he loves her while they were in the Big Apple.”

Well, The Couple has denied the rumor that they have not plan anything like that they love each other but have not taken a step like that yet.