Teen Room Design


most enthusiastic and vibrant period of life is the teen age. The perfect décor in teen rooms require the place where they can play, read and sleep   with their friends and with other children of home. The teen room designs also have such collectibles which are full of fun and creativity.

The room must be decorated in following ways;

  • The location of the room is such that it will have privacy as well as become common room so that you can keep check on their activities.
  • The first thing to be kept in mind is the coloring impact of the room. It will be painted with bright colors as to create interest in them so that they keep themselves confined in the room.
  • He room is not with the Mickey Mouse and different funny figures but have something which increase and satisfy their eager ness and enthusiasm.
  • It will have proper shelves and cabinets which contain books and necessary their useable items.
  • It will have some stylish look as well as will have suitable seating arrangements so that they can sit with friends in cozy and comfortable environment.
  • It will have proper arrangement of keeping electronic instruments for their use as LCDs and   TV, and stereo recorders.
  • It will certainly have some ornamental flowers to give the fresh look.
  • It will have some seating corners where they sit and play indoor games with their friends.
  • It will have such arrangements that they can study their books in comfortable environment.
  • If the teen child is girl it will have painted with pink and green colors as to have feminine look.
  • If the teen child is boy it will have such instruments by which their thrilling nature is satisfied as musical instruments.

Make the room cheer full and joy able place for them.