Teenage Diets For Girls


Health is wealth for every one in teen age. And the teen age is most glorious period of life. But it is the period, which if wrongly tackled its spans of trouble surrounds the whole life.  It’s the important period with respect of every feature of it.  With respect of mental growth, emotional growth, social and physical growth. So   it’s the age when boys are interested in fizzy drinks or junks foods. The girls mostly skip the meals or take enough sweets or curbs, without thinking the impact of diet on their all types of growth. But we not care for this and mostly either it become under weight or to be over weight. Parents feel difficulty to convince the ten agars for their required diet because they take diet just to satisfy their taste buds not to fulfill their body requirements.


As we all know that the teen age is the period of fun and thrill so to accomplish the needs of body we have to make the meal a fun, which attract the teenagers. We can do this for girls by involving them towards preparing food for them and for their friends. We should find different food recopies in different cultures and move the teenager girl mind or there preparation. Similarly the boys should be stimulated to healthy food by preparing that in home and with the touch of some well known restaurants and try to invite their friends, so that instead of eating junk food in hotels with friends they eat in home with all of your observations.


The teen age especially between 11-18 require a rich supply of minerals. As calcium, magnesium. Zinc, vitamins, iron, and to some extent of fats or proteins. So all these components should be added in their diet with special care.


The average need of calories for teen age boy’s is2200 cal / day. It’s the same as required by adults so due to this often boys are seemed to be taken different fast foods or chocolates after every 2-3 hours. Girls either remain Hungary at one time or take enough another time so this is unhealthy routine. Change this in regular intervals with full calorie diet for teen age.


The need of proteins in boys is more then girls at this teen age because they have to be muscular, taller and stronger, have more body volume as compared to girls. Their body must be building in such a way that   they can do strenuous exercise.


The fats are essential for both teen age boys and girls but these are in the form of good fats as instead of hydrogenated ghee use olive oil, sunflower oil, etc


Teen age kind need of minerals such as calcium. Zinc potassium is necessary in suitable amounts. These are taken from fresh fruits, raw vegetables. And their daily consumption and intake should be properly balanced.


Vitamins are also important constituents of balanced diet.(teen age) The needs of vitamins in girls are more important as compared to boys due to puberty changes and hormonal balancing.


The need of iron is more in girls due to their menstrual cycles there is a loss of body blood and need extra iron stuffs as apples.spinach etc. if it is less they get anemic and troubles appear in their pregnancy period or in their child bearing Age. So keep a strict eye on the diet of teen age to build a strong nation.