Teenage Pregnancy Article


Teenage Pregnancy ArticleTeenage Pregnancy Article, If you are searching Years ago, it was common for women to marry at much younger ages, and having a husband and baby at just the age of 17 or 18 was not seen as a problem.

Number of the births to teenagers has decreased considerably over last few decades especially in the developed countries. In the present time teen pregnancy is likely to be seen as a tragedy, especially when the adolescent parents are usually unmarried. The pregnant teen girls face a storm of issues, not only from the world around themselves, but from the world within themselves.

One of the most important causes of teenage pregnancy is the lack of education on safe sex . Most of the teenagers do not taught about methods of birth control. The teenage pregnancy and parenthood pose difficulties for both parents. The Teen girls, who are going to towards upcoming mom, could face problems like high blood pressure during pregnancy as well as other complications that could arise from it. There may also a problem to give birth prematurely and deliver a baby with very low birth weight.

The pregnancy of teenage girls has been defined predominantly as a social problem among social agencies and within research field and. Ratio of teenage pregnancy is also associated with poverty. Under-developed and economically poor countries have more teenage mothers compared with economically rich and developed countries.