Terrific Eye Makeup Ideas To Bring out Gorgeous Black Eyes


Terrific Eye Makeup Ideas To Bring out Gorgeous Black EyesBlack is one of the most beautiful eye colors. The best thing about black eyes is that when you have black eyes, you don’t have to worry about what eyeshadow shade you should use and what don’t; you can use any color to play up your eyes. Here are two terrific eye makeup ideas to bring out gorgeous black eyes.

Dark, Smokey Black Eye makeup

This is a great look for night-time parties. Get the look!!!

Starting off with the pre-primed lids, first of all, cover your eyelid with a charcoal eyeshadow. Stating from the center, work your way upto the outer corner of your eye, fading the shade a bit as you move towards the exterior corner.

  • Smudge the shadow well using a clean applicator.
  • Do the eye crease with gray shade.
  • Use the silver eyeshadow onto the brow-bone and the nose-eye junction.
  • Delineate upper rim with a liquid eyeliner and lower one with a pencil one.
  • Curl up the lashes with your curler and then add two, three coats of mascara and you’re done.

Pink Smokey Eyes

You can wear this look for daytime events. Steps to follow to achieve the look are given:

  • Prime your lids using a concealer and foundation. Besides hiding any skin flaws in eye area plus creating a smoother finish, priming the lids before putting on makeup will help cosmetics to adhere better to the eyes.
  • Apply the charcoal or black eyeshadow on to the centre of the lid and fading towards the outer corner.
  • With a clean applicator, sweep dark pink, peach or apricot shade onto the crease.
  • Next spread the light pink eyeshadow just above the crease area leaving the brow bone. Use this same color underneath the lower rim as well.
  • Using a sponge applicator, dab silver shadow on top of the brow bone and over the nose-eye junction.
  • Do thin lining of the upper lid with a liquid eyeliner.
  • Use pencil eyeliner to define the lower rim.
  • Wear two, three coats of mascara and curl up the lashes finally and that’s it.