The Tips and Enjoy Natural Beauty


Today many people are switching back to natural skincare products to get natural beauty. A time was that when people, especially women, seem crazy about new brands and they used to try almost every product which claims to give them the crystal clear skin.

These chemical based products usually fail to give the desired results. That’s why people have now ceasing relying their fake vows and claims and they have switched back to the natural skincare solutions. Few natural beauty tips are given below;

Follow the tips and enjoy natural beauty

Egg Mask For Acne: If you are suffering from acne breakouts, egg mask can help you to get acne free, clear skin. Take egg white of one and apply it to the acne skin using a soft-stranded brush. Hold the recipe on for almost half an hour and then wash off. You can also use the remedy as overnight treatment. Regular use of the remedy will bring remarkable improvement in your skin condition after a couple of day.

Coconut for Dark Circles: Coconut oil massage around the eyes may help in eliminating under eye dark circle.

Make the Lashes Long with Castor Oil: If your lashes are small and you love to have long lashes, castor oil may help you in achieving your goal. Simply put on a thin layer of castor oil before going to bed every night. Besides lengthening, castor oil also strengthens your lashes and chills your eyes.

Treat Sun Burn with Cucumber: Take a fresh cucumber, remove its skin and grate it well. Add half tsp. of glycerin and rose water each into it. Dab the freshly prepared mixture to the sun burned skin. It will sooth the burning sensation and will give soothing relief to pain and irritation.

Cranberry Lip Balm: To get soft lips you may try homemade lip balm prepared by mixing one tbsp. Cranberry sauce juice with two tbsp. petroleum jelly.

Low Cost Lemon Lotion: Skin moisturization is very necessary to prevent dry and flaky skin. You can prepare your own moisturizing lotion easily at home. For preparing the same, mix 6 tsp. Vaseline, 2 tsp. glycerin and 2 tsp. of lemon juice together. Use the lotion twice a week regularly and enjoy the soft and well moisturized body skin.