Thin Lips | Beauty Tips


thin-lips-beauty-tipsThin Lips | Beauty Tips – Each woman is not blessed by the lips that are naturally fuller. The lips of course play the key role in the vibrant beauty. To keep the lips healthy, there are certain make techniques as well as self care cosmetic products. By the combination of both these you can achieve the beauty of lips either they are thin or full. While the natural health for lips and beauty is concerned there is the need of excluding the lip cracks, gaining the original pinkish shade and the hydrated lips. This can be getting by the regular care of the lip skin with natural methods or by the application of synthetic products in form of lip gloss or lip balm.

Lip beauty tips:

Apply the lip pencil as the lip liner and inside the liner apply the lipstick and blot it.

For the all day long fuller appearance apply the soft lip liner and merge it with the lip gloss at the edges.

For the long stay of the lip color apply some talcum powder over the lipsticks and then apply the lip gloss or petroleum jelly or lip shiner.

At the center of lower and upper lip the eye shades which match with the lipstick color are applied and it will give the fuller appearance.

Tips for fuller lips:

The fuller lips are the blessing of God. So there is no extra care should be taken while   beautifying such lips.

The outline along the lip line defines the shape of the lips.

The lipstick is applied over it will give the sexier appearance to these lips.

Tips for thin lips:

To have the thin lips does not mean that you can never achieve the pouts appearance like celebrity. Simple make up techniques enhance the fuller appearance of the lips.

The lip liner is used slightly outside the actual lip line and of darker shade then the lipstick.

The lipstick used in neutral shades as the tan or pink shade. The edges of the lips are covered with dark coating and the centre of lower and upper lip is with light shades of lipsticks.