Three Helpful Makeup Tips for Dark-Skinned Beauties


Three Helpful Makeup Tips for Dark-Skinned BeautiesThe basic makeup application tips and techniques vary from person to person depending upon their particular skin shades, complexion and the skin texture. In addition, your face shape and contours also have a big say in determining which technique you should use or steer clear of. So, the biggest thing to remember while starting working with makeup is that all skin tones are not same and hence the dark-skinned beauties should take enough to time to pick off the makeup as it’ll make a huge difference.

Firstly take enough steps to keep your skin healthy as this is very crucial when it comes to achieve the exactly desired effect with makeup. Medical professionals believe that dark skin can bear up exposure to the outer world more efficiently than any other skin tones.

Face Makeup

Foundation works as a base for your makeup and therefore should be chosen sparingly. While picking off the foundation, make sure to settle on the one that closely matches your natural coloring. Also, try to find the oil-free, water-based formulas as they work best for darker skin-tones. Apart for picking the just right product, the way use apply and blend it also play big role in determining your ultimate makeup look. Blend the foundation well so as to avoid cakey face having several visible layers of makeup. Set the product at the end with loose powder.

Three Helpful Makeup Tips for Dark-Skinned Beauties-

Lip Makeup

The lipstick shades also play a remarkable role in making your makeup perfect. When your complexion happens to be more on darker side, the frosted or sparkling shades like orange are not your cup of tea. You should go rather for nudes shades of pink or beige, browns, coffee and chocolate shades, if you’re daring enough, you can also experiment with burgundy and berry shades. Wine and mocha shades also look good on dark skin tones.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is another vital part of any formal or casual makeup look. For a daytime look, it’s better to forgo the eyeshades. A moderately thick black or brown lining paired with a few coats of mascara should be enough for a casual daytime event. For the evening or nighttime look, however, put dark metallic shades like blues or brown onto the eyes. you should stay away from powdery and lighter eyeshadow shades as they will do nothing but making your skin appear even darker. Other eyeshades that work great with dark complexions include shades of burgundy, prune, copper and brown.