Three Must-Know Makeup Tricks to Look Younger


Makeup TricksAging is a natural phenomenon. Nobody can stay young all through their life. As one grows ages, it gets reflected from their face in the form of wrinkling skin having loads of mild lines over it.
This situation turns very alarming and depressing for beauty-conscious ladies and they resort to medical and surgical procedures in quest of that youthful glow back they once had. What they forgot to realize is, the secret to a juvenile look also lies in makeup; all they need to do is to learn a few simple tricks to apply younger-looking makeup.

Makeup Tricks-

Use Light Powder Base

It’s an easy-to-follow makeup secret and thus can be extremely helpful for you if you’re new to the game of makeup application. A heavy and cumbersome powder-based have the prepotency to give your face a dull, worn-out and at times aged too. So, if you want your makeup to give your skin a natural-looking glow, always use a light powder base. Using shimmering powder-base can give your skin even juvenile look and charm.

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Pick Off The Right Foundation

The second makeup secret to look younger is all about choosing the right type and formula of foundation. As you grow aged, the moisture retention ability of your skin reduces and thus it tends to get dry more. Therefore, when your goal is to get your skin the juvenile glow back via makeup, always makes sure to settle on hydrating products. Avoid using the products containing a petroleum jelly base as they’d do nothing but leave your skin dry and dehydrated.

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Groom the Brows

Unruly eyebrow hairs have the prepotency to add years to your face instantly. If you’ve been focusing on the other aspects while neglecting your brows, it’s the time to change your attitude. Be regular in pulling the stray hair out so as to give your brows a well-defined look. if you’re blessed with sparse, scanty brows, also fill them up regularly to get a fuller appearance.