Three Rules of Thumb for Healthier Black Skin


Three Rules of Thumb for Healthier Black SkinHealthy, shiny, gorgeous look skin is something everyone long for. Not only it makes you stand out in the mob but also boosts your self confidence and personality. When it comes to Blacks, women feel embarrassed about their complexion. Come on gals!!! Complexion doesn’t matter, all the more important to have a blemish free smooth skin with even skin tone.

Here we present you with three top tips to clearer skin,

Improve Your Diet

Your skin reflects your dietary habits. If you consume healthy, balanced diet, you skin stays charming and glowing while junk, unhealthy food and nutritional deficiencies leads your skin to become dull and lackluster. So, the first and foremost skincare tip for blacks is to stay with balanced diet loaded with vitamin, minerals and other nutrition necessary for healthy skin.

Your routine diet should encompass fruits and green veggies. Since black skin tends to be oily, so you should try to stay away from fatty and fried foods. Cut back on the time of cooking and also avoid deep frying the foods. In addition, make sure to consume ample amount of water to keep your skin well hydrated.

Routine Exercise is Imperative

The wonders daily workout can work for your skin even specialized skincare-products cannot do. So, make it a routine to do exercise or any activity of your choice such as jogging, swimming, cycling etc for at least five minutes. After You may also want to indulge yourself in calming and stress-relieving activities like yoga and meditation. Not only they will relieve stress and eradicating the secretion of stress hormones that affects black skin adversely, these practices will help you give soft ,supple , transparent, glowing naturally.

Moisturize Regularly

Although Black skin tends to be naturally oily, it also needs regular moisturization. If not lubricated meticulously, it starts looking “ashy.” So, develop routine to moisturize your skin with a suitable formula at least twice a day- in the morning and before sleep- in order maintain its shine. Your skin ought to be slightly damp when you moisturize it since damp skin holds in moisture well.