Tip on How to Choose The Right Eyeliner


There are many different formulas of eyeliners—pencil, liquid, gel, etc. All these formulas are not created equal and one has to consider several things while picking the one. Your natural eye color, eye shape and the eye makeup effect you want to create are some of the some of the important considerations when it comes to buy an eyeliner. Here is a simple guide on how pick the right eyeliner for you.

Types of Eyeliners

If you’re a beginner and it is your first experience to work with eyeliner, then you should preferably settle on a soft tipped pencil eyeliner. The pencils are easy to use and comparatively less likely to smear. For making the application even easier, it is suggested to place it in refrigerator before sharpening it. Chilling the pencil beforehand will prevent the eyeliner pencil from breaking.

Tip on How to Choose The Right Eyeliner

Traditionally cake eyeliners also look outstandingly stunning when applied properly. Initially, only professional makeup artists resort to this sort of eyeliners but today an increasing number of woman have started adding the cake eyeliners to their daily makeup routine.

Liquid eyeliner is an ideal option for night outs that warrants a dramatic eye makeup effect. This eyeliner formula usually has more of a shimmering quality and gets you all the attention of the onlookers while also making them look brighter and more vibrant.

Felt tipped eyeliners are very easily applicable and give your eyes a striking look when teamed with a bolder outline drawn all along the lash line.