Tips For Eye Shadows


Tips For Eye ShadowsI know people spend hours in makeup they want their best to look good and beautiful, but what if makeup doesn’t stay for the complete duration of the event, what if you start getting marks and smudging of these shades?? Let’s try to use these tips to keep make up on for longer time of periods, for full evening or day.

Here are few tips that you can try to keep your look last longer and perfectly.

Primer Is A Good Idea: – if you are not aware of this and you don’t know how magical thing this is then give it a try, you can buy this from any drug stores, and if you could get eye primer that would be really good, it is a cream that can act as a base for your eye makeup and this will not only give you smooth and beautiful eye lit, but it has a power to keep your eye shades last longer and it will help your shades too it will make your eyes look brighter and show the original shade too, but if you cannot get this anywhere then you can try to make your own replacement for this you just need to mix foundation, moisturizer and any kind of binding agent, try to pick one shade lighter foundation and add any moisturizer in it, after that add any kind of light powder and mix it very well and apply it over your eye lid just 2 minutes before your make up.

Always Buy Good Quality Products:-if you are trying to save some money by buying cheap products then you are wrong, always good quality products and try to buy waterproof eye makeup, this is very good to use and this is very long-lasting too.

If you want a long-lasting look then you need to give it a complete time, when you apply base then let it settle down before applying the next shade, you can apply the shade and while you giving it sometime try to rest it a bit and then apply mascara and then liner and let each and everything settle down before leaving your seat.

Now you are ready to go out and enjoy a whole night with marvelous looking eyes and perfect looking makeup.