Tips For Fair Skin


Everybody in the world want to attain fresh, bright and gloomy skin, it is always advisable to opt natural skin care tips for lightening your complexion. Cosmetic surgeries and other shortcut methods to lighten the skin can be harmful for your membrane. Following fair skin tips can attain fair, bright, and glowing skin.

Fair skin tips: fairness massage;

You can do a fairness massage easily at your home, if you want an inexpensive and long-term way to attain an impressive skin. Do not keep the mixtures, pastes and scrubs for a long time. You can apply following fairness massage for fair and glowing complexion.

Tips For Fair Skin

Top 7 Makeup Tips for Women with Blonde Hair & Fair Skin

Make a thick paste of 1tbsp of dry milk, 1tbsp of corn flour and few drops of rosewater, apply this paste on your face, let it dry and wash your face with warm water It will give you a natural glow within a few days.

Tips For Fair Skin-

Four easy fair skin tips;

Try these easy fair skin tips to enhance your complexion and step out in confidence with your fair appearance.

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How To Get Fair Skin Naturally and Smooth Fair Skin

  • Apply the turmeric powder and sandalwood paste daily.
  • Make a mixture of lemon juice, rosewater and glycerin and use it daily for fair complexion.

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  • Take 2 teaspoon of milk cream and 1-teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix it properly and apply on face, neck and hands regularly before sleeping.
  • Make a fine paste of grinded almonds and rose water; apply this paste on the face and neck for getting a natural fairness.