Tips For Flawless Glow


Tips For Flawless GlowToday we are sharing some mix home remedies for your mix issues, your skin, lips and eyes to get the flawless face and flawless beautiful skin, so are you ready?

Tips for glowing skin

Egg white and honey face mask is best thing that you can do to get perfect glow on your face, just make a fresh mix of one egg white with 1 tbsp of honey and after this apply it evenly over your face and lay down for 20 minutes and then wash it off with running water.

Milk and honey mask is also very good for your face, and to get the instant glow and you just need to take spoonful of honey and mix at least half cup of fresh milk in it and apply it over your face with cotton buds and you will love the result.

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Pure butter is best for your face too, if you have scars then rub pure butter on your face and massage till you fell that it is fully absorbed then wipe it off with wet hot towel and see the result, you can use it for chapped lips too with the same method, btw you can use little amount of coconut oil for your dry lips too and that will help get rid of dark ankles and hand joints too.

You can mix honey with a little Vaseline for your dry lips that are not getting repaired with anything and you will see the difference really soon. You can use Vaseline for under eye circles too and massage it softly, but if you have serious issue then you can try cucumber juice for 10-15 minutes every day and that will not only help your circle, but it will deal with dine lines around your eyes too.

Tips For Flawless Glow-

Applying a mixture of potato juice with cucumber juice for dark circles and that will prove quite effective for your puffy eyes along with dark circles.
You can use yogurt for instant glow too and if you add bit turmeric in it then you will see fine and cleaned pores with glowing shine on your face. A mixture of yeast with lime is best for your open pores. Drink lots of water and eat healthy, take 8 hours sleep and stay healthy and happy.