Tips for Perfect Nude Lips …


Nude pair of pouts is the ideal way to make a bold impact in a subtle way. Classy nude lips look overwhelNude pair of pouts is the ideal way to make a bold impact in a subtle way. Classy nude lips look overwhelming with dark eye makeup, sophisticated hairstyle or any other style statement. It isn’t much tough to get nude lips if you have basic know-how of achieving them. A few simple and easy tips to follow while creating nude or neutral lips are given below;


To begin with, exfoliate your lips to take all the dead and flaky away. This step is necessary enough because you wouldn’t want a peeling surface to start on. Secondly, the flaky and dry skin is more manifested on nude lips then colored ones. To exfoliate your skin you can use a damp washcloth, an old yet hygienic toothbrush or a lip-scrub.

Apply Lip Balm

Once you are done with exfoliation, work with a clear lip balm. This will help locking the moisture in the skin plus it will make the lipstick lasting by providing it something to hold on to. Always use a use a waxy, almost non-stick balm to create the smooth base.

Choose Your Shade

A shade for nude lips that doesn’t go well with your natural complexion can make you look ill or dead. Therefore it is of utmost importance to take your natural skin tone in account while picking off a shade. A basic guideline in this regard is given: for those having pale skin, pink, peachy or even an utterly nude shade can be the perfect choices. The beholders of medium/dark skin can go for peachy beige, or any other warm shade to enhance their lips.

Line First

Be sure to define your lips with a lip-liner before filling in them with lip color, otherwise you will lose your lip-line against your skin. Use a nude liner that is just one shade darker than your complexion. Then, fill in your entire lip with the same creamy-liner to create a smooth base for lipstick application.

Lipstick Power

Now it’s the time to work with lipstick! For a convincing nude, subtle lips use a lipstick that contains moisturizer in it.

Apply Gloss

The last step to just perfect nude lips is to top with a gloss! You can go for a clear gloss or a little bit colored nude or pink lip-gloss. Make sure staying away from anything that has sparkles; it will make your nude lips an odd look.