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Tips On How To Remove Makeup

Tips On How To Remove MakeupRemoving your make-up properly before going to bed is one of the most important thing in the way of beauty forever, if you think that by washing your face with best face wash or wipe is enough then you are wrong.

Today I will tell you the right and the best way of removing you cosmetic and you will get up in the morning with dewy, soft and healthy beautiful complexion and skin.

You can try these tips to clean your face every night to remove environmental pollution and toxins of day to day dirt, and leave the skin free to get breathe and get the natural healthy complexion and skin.

First of all pull up your hair back neatly so they don’t get into the procedure of cleaning your face, or might get damaged to removing the dead skin.

Take a cotton ball filled with any kind of baby oil or make-up remover and start wipe the whole face from nose to ear side, use new cotton ball when your ball get dirty.

You can use any branded cleanser for that too or you can buy something available in the market for removing make up, don’t forget to buy a separate eye makeup remover, eyes are too delicate for face cleansers.

Once you are done with whole cleaning and you are fully satisfied that there is no cosmetic over your face now, then take a small amount of cleanser or any oil in your hands and start massaging your face from down to upward and at the end take a face towel dipped with worm water or put a wet towel in microwave for full 5 minutes and cover your face for 5 minutes and then rub your face with the same towel and remove it and you will see how many make it still removed from your face and now you are ready to go to bed, don’t apply any moisturizer if you have oily skin but other than that you need a bit on your face.

Baby wipes are not for remove make-up so don’t mislead yourself cause you will end up with clogged pores and blemishes.

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