Tips To Apply Foundation


Tips To Apply FoundationFor a perfect, flawless look and face, foundation is something you got to apply no matter what kind and what type skin you have, you got to use it if you have some skin issues and you have marks or parts to hide and you have to apply it even if you have a perfect and flawless face already, so let’s discover the best and the easy way to apply foundation with these tips.

When choosing a foundation, never forget your own kind of skin, you need to buy foundation of the skin shade you have rather than the skin shade you want, if you are a dark person and you want to look lighter then you can try one or two shade tone lighter, but you cannot go for pearl white or snow white cause that way you would end up with a funny look rather than a beautiful look and that’s what we want to avoid so pick one or two shade lighter and if you ask me then only one shade lighter or darker is perfect for you.

If you have a oily skin then never buy a foundation that has conditioner or cream in it, gel or one which has aqua in it is the answer for your foundation pick, and if you have a dry skin then you need to see a foundation which has some natural oils and silk cream in it so it can keep your face look fresh throughout the whole day, and no matter what kind of foundation you use, it got to be have 15+ sun protection in it.

When you go to buy the foundation, always take baby whips with you and use tester over your face to get the closest shade and whip it off instantly with baby whips to keep safe from any kind of skin allergic or any kind of skin infections and when you buying foundation invest lots of time and invest in best brand and best shade for younger than your age look and fresh natural face
One of the very important and very basic rules of applying a foundation is that it suppose to look flawless and natural and it should be the base not the makeup and you don’t want to make it look visible, your foundation suppose to be invisible to get perfect, smooth, even and without any extra shine or gloss, you don’t want to get shiny foundation during the day at least.

Now we are going to talk about how to apply the perfect foundation for perfect look and make up. Before applying any kind of cream or cosmetic you need to clean your hands and your face completely and it is very important if you have relaxed face when you apply your make up.

If your foundation has moisturizing and sunscreen then it is good and if it does not then you got to apply it before applying anything at all. But never forget to apply this half an hour before because if you apply both things one by one then they will show separately over the finest layer of your make up.

Now before applying the foundation tap a clean tissue paper to clean off all the excess moisturizer and now start with small dots of foundation all over your face cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose and neck and now the real work start and that is the perfect blending, blending is the key to get the perfect foundation never forget your ears, neck and hairline and your jaw to get natural looks.

Keep your mouth open as much as you can comfortably and that will help you not only with blending but with the perfect applying too. When you are done with foundation let it settle before applying your make up.