9 Tips To Avoid Hair Dameg

Tips To Avoid Hair Damag
Limit its use to the hair only, not go to near scalp and also avoid its use to the wet hair use just when they are damp or semi dry.

Tips To Avoid Hair Damag – To face the hair horrors, straw like strands, limp locks and frightening frizz is really a painful issue. We never want to see our damaging hair but neither properly cares them as they deserve. Hair like our skin demands consistent care but we are enough fashion conscious usually for style we treat them so harshly, we apply harsh products and do different up dos or down dos in hair styling. All these cause the hair damage.


Following are the factors which are to be followed to prevent the maximum hair damage:

Treat & Prevent Split Hair Ends

  1. Develop a habit of healthy eating’s, as there is no comparison or substitute of healthy life style and healthy diet. Your living style and healthy eating’s both effect the health of hair. There are certain vitamins which are needed for the health of hair .These must be included in the diet in required amount, Stress, pollution and many other factors which influence the health of the hair.
  2. Make sure what products you are using for your hair and strict to yourself to the products which are compatible to your hair.
  3. Entangle your hair when they are about to dry otherwise combing or brushing to wet hair makes their roots weak and easily get damage.
  4. Brush or comb them gently, start from the ends toward the scalp. Avoid the harsh movements. The hair can be pulled or break which is never to be desired.
  5. Avoid the heating hair styling products, as this cause the immense loss of hair. Some styling techniques require the temperature 400 f . Such damage can not be overcome easily.
  6. Hair conditioner is used one in a week or after two weeks as this lock the hair moisture inside the hair strands. Hair products and hair styling techniques take away the hair moisture first.
  7. Trim your hair regularly because in this way you can keep you’re healthy. If it is not done then the split ends of hair travel upward along hair shaft and damage the entire length of the hair.
  8. When you tie your hair not to pull them at the back tightly, this cause the hair loss from the front hair and your forehead look larger and complete alteration of appearance.
  9. Minimize the use of hair dryers less as with passage of time it will make the roots of hair weak. Limit its use to the hair only, not go to near scalp and also avoid its use to the wet hair use just when they are damp or semi dry.