Tips To Get A Basic At-Home Facial


home basics recipesToday we are going to give you a very effective and a very magical home based facial and I am using natural things and homemade masks and they work perfectly, I know that because I use it too and I am a huge fan of it.

First thing that you need to do is prepare things and you need to do that before your start facial, soaked poppy seeds and red lentil in hot milk and let it get soft for 2 hour and now you would start with cleanings, wash your face with worm water and tie your all hair on your head and start massaging with cleanings milk, you can use plain worm milk, butter milk, mixture of olive almond oil and lavender.

Tips To Get A Basic At-Home Facial

You just need to mix juice of one lime in it and apply it all over your face, neck and shoulder and massage with circular motion and keep doing that till you get all red and worm up and now you need to give your face steam to remove dirt and blackheads, you can either use steamer or you can use a wet hot cotton towel for that, just spread a hot towel over your face and lie down on your back in worm place and then scrub ff your face with the same wet and worm towel and you would feel the smoothness and softness at once.

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Now we will start scrubbing, make a smooth past of soaked poppy seeds and red lentil and apply all over your face, neck and shoulders and start rubbing it with soft hands and keep rubbing that for 20 minutes with very smooth hands and then wash it off with lukewarm water and then splash some chilled water on your face.

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Now you need to apply facial mask on your face, you can use any fruit or healthy mask on your face, I use tomato mask, cucumber mask, egg and honey mask, egg and lime mask, cucumber and avocado mask and there are lots of other mask that you can use to get your facial done.

You can use this facial once in week to get beautiful skin and use a plain yogurt and mustard powder cleaning three times a week and you would never go to Solon ever again.