Tips To Get Beautiful Lips Naturally


Tips To Get Beautiful Lips NaturallyWe talked about lips earlier and today we are going to add some new and more tips in the same line too, so here are some tips how to get red plum lips naturally. Beetroot juice is another very magical thing for our beauty, not only for external use, but for internal too, you can eat it for best and long lasting healthy and you and you can use it for its bright color and you just need to give your lips a small massage for lightening your dark lips.

Exfoliate is good and we all know that reason and benefits of scrubbing off all the dead cells to get new and fresh look so use your own toothbrush to rub your lips old cells and dead skin , but don’t forget applying some kind of lip balm before.

When you have some time or you are sitting in front of your TV just take a small piece of cucumber or tomato and rub over your lips and over your gums and let it be there and let it get dry and this will make your whole smile pick by making your lips and your gums pink. A thick past of Seeds of pomegranate is also aver interesting idea for your dry chapped lips.

Aloe vera gel is one thing that you can use for absolutely every beauty issue, hair nails, and skin or even for your internal body too, you just need to cut a simple leave and rub over your lips and skin for moisturizing it and for giving a supple and smooth skin and lips.

Use a lemon juice and glycerin mixture over your lips to remove all kind of sun ray effects and this will help you getting naturally smooth and bright lips and it will help you getting lighter shade too. Milk from the coconut is also very good for lightening your lips naturally and this is one of a very ancient Greek tip for lips. Eat lots of fresh carrots and drink lots of carrot juice to get natural red lips and shiny plum cheeks and you can try using carrot juice with beetroot juice for your lips.

Use orange peel or powder of orange peel to scrub the dead cells off from your lips and it is also very good to lightening your facial skin too. Once in a day, massage your lips and your facial skin with a with ice cubes .It will keep your lips nourished, moisturized and fresh and it will keep the natural oils safe in your skin and will help you looking young.