Tips To Get Bigger Looking Eyes


I have big eyes makeup tips & makeup tips to make eyes biggerWe all love almond shaped bright and beautiful eyes and that is one thing that if you have then you don’t need to apply tones of makeup on your face and you don’t need to bother too much to get all the attention you want, beautiful and natural beautiful eyes are one of the best thing that you can have, but what if you were not born with the magical gift of beautiful eyes? Then you need to create the illusion of beautiful eyes and I can tell you that this is something that you can do with very few things, you don’t need to do lots of things and you don’t need to get bothered with that, I can tell you that I know couple of girls who are unrecognizable without makeup and I know one girl who is famous for her Bengali eyes and she does not even have beautiful eyes, she create the look everyday and carry it easily everyday and that is what you have to do now on, create a look and then carry it perfectly.

1- First thing you need to do is look after your skin and your complexion, eat healthy cause you cannot afford sunken eyes and then pay all your attention to the Eyebrows, groom them well and pay attention on the reshaping and trimming your eye brows on time and apply caser oil on your lashes and eye brow every night without fail to get beautiful and healthy thick lashes and eye brow and it would be best to book the same beautician every time and you will see the difference of that act.

2- Now you will start your eye makeup to get brighter and beautiful eyes, and we will start with the concealing your eyes and cover your dark circles and use triangle technique and blend well and then apply a primer eye shadow on your lids.

3- You should use the lightest eye shadow base and then apply all over your lids, and then take some shiny transparent shimmery eye shadow on your finger and rub over the center of your eye lid and rub n circular motion, now pick a shade that goes with your skin tone, pick a nude or light nude shade like champagnes, ivory or light pinks and apply a very small amount of product and then blend with clean brush to minimize the shade.

4- Now take light medium brown shade and if you have super fair complexion then you can pick with light rosy pink too and contour the crease of your eyes with that, and if you don’t know how to do that then open your eyes and draw sharp liner with thin brush over the crease and then close your eyes and blend the line with a flat brush, when you want to look naturally beautiful then try to avoid a dramatic shades, it would be best if you sue light and skin toned shades instead using dramatic looks and then blend well till it starts looking natural.

5- Now we will start with the complicated part of the brighter looking eyes, and that is liner, if you have long but small eye then you need to apply a thin line and make it a bit thicker in the center of your eyes and if you have small eye then stay as close to your lashes as possible and draw a thin line and cover throughout the rim of the upper lid and then gradually thicken it as you move out and then let it swing out as a wing, but not too thick and too dramatic, but I would suggest not to use any authentic shade of liner, use dark gray, brown or mate black.

6- Never forget to curl your lashes before applying your mascara it will not only help you get beautiful lashes, but it will make your eye look brighter and beautiful and it will make your eyes look brighter and bigger.

7- Buy a lightest pink and nude lip pencil and apply it over the lower water line and that is the best thing that you can use to get brighter and Just follow these makeup tips and let me know if they make a difference in your look and if you want to get better result then use nude shade on your water line and pure white on your eye brow bone.

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Best of luck.