Tips To Get Pouty Lips


Tips To Get Pouty LipsSexy and hot fascinating lips is something we all like to have and we all love if we don’t have to do lots of things to get that look, since it is becoming the very hot and trendy look now days, girls using medical and technical help to get the look and some are using home remedies, which I think is the best way to deal with your look, you can use home remedies too to get permanent look, but today I am going to talk some mix way to get the pouty lips or in simple language full lips as Angelina Jole has, I think she has the most sexy and the most sensuous lips ever, she is blessed with beautiful lips, but we can get that look with some makeup tricks too, you can get super pouty look means you can get fresh and crisp lips that look very hot and sexy with some simple tips.

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To look perfect you need t buy right kind of lip balm, lip primer, simple foundation, lip pencil, lip-concealer, lipstick, lip gloss, and lipstick brush and now we are going to give a look within some minutes.

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Super clean canvas is the best and the most important thing that you need to get beautiful look so you need to clean your skin, your face and your neck before starting the makeup, and I you want extra cute lips then pay attention to your lips, you can try so many things to exfoliate your lips, but I will follow the simple way, apply lip balm or thick petroleum jelly or Vaseline for an hour or so and then take wet worm cotton towel and rub your lips with that very softly and very calmly and then take some sugar and some olive oil and rub your lips with that very softly and then wash it off and apply some lip balm.

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Lip Premier: after cleaning you need to prepare your lips for makeup and you need to start with a thin layer of lip premier, you can use serum too, and you can use both of them too cause serums get absorbed very quickly but it has much more benefits then foundation or concealer or than moisturizer.

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Lip Foundation: now you need to give a fine base to your lips and for that you just need to take some foundation and concealer in your palm and rub it well with your finger and then apply it over your lips and apply very evenly.

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Lip Pencil: Now this is the most important thing for your perfect lips, now this is a time when you can create the magic, I am going to give you the way I use to get pouty lips, you need to take almost same shade of lip pencil, like if you are using red lipstick then you need to take same shade of lips pencil and one a slightly shade too, now we will make our middle section with light shade and then we will use darker one on the sides and it will make sides sharp and hard and the middle one light and a bit raised and then we will take the darker shade and will draw a sharp line to enhance the cupid’s bow now we will take very light and very transparent silver highlighter or you can pick according to your skin tone an draw a line from the end of nose to the end of cupid’s bow and if will enhance the depth of cupid’s bow and will make your lips look perfectly sexy and crispy.

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Best of luck.