To Get Rid From Overwhelming Situation


To Get Rid From Overwhelming Situation – You will be able to help others if you are feeling better for your self. To feel better within yourself requires that you are not overloaded by lot of things. We usually want to do more in less time. This creates an overwhelming situation which makes you mentally fatigued.


So to stop this overwhelming situation you should have to work in following directions:


TAKE POWER NAP: Human body is made in such a way to take sleep twice in 24 hours. One is long sleep and other is just a nap of 20-30 minutes. The power nap recharges your mental and physical energies. It will be as like restarting of your computer, so after a nap start with fresher mind.


CAPTURE IT: Sometimes overwhelming is due to the long list of to-do existing at our heads. Take paper from your letter pad and write all what to do. When all the mess is transferred at the paper from your mind then take deep breathe and relax.


GROUP YOUR TASK: When you completed the list then arrange the tasks according to their priorities. Now plan how to perform them according to their priorities .Organizing you’re to dos in groups will help you to see your tasks more clearly.


TAKE ACTION: Sometimes we do not take action and just plan, take the first step for achieving your goals. Think less and do more, because simple action of beginning will release the anxiety and worries that has been accumulated from long time.


FOCUS: When you planed the entire task then put your worries at the side and focuses at your doings. Concentrate upon what you are doing and leave all what you are not doing. It has been observed that worry and time have inverse relationship. If you take care of one the other will be reduced and vice versa.


LAUGH LIKE CRAZY: When you are overwhelmed with certain issue then just put that aside and try to laugh and laugh. It makes you fresh and canalizes your mental energies in single direction.


TALK AND WALK: Call your best friend and go out for walk. The combination of endorphins and friend will bring your thoughts from head to mouth and you will feel better.


GET OUTSIDE FROM YOUR THOUGHTS: Meditate and offer prayer, make you feel much lighter then before. In this way you will get positive energy and all your worries and tensions get catharsis.