Top 4 Beauty Secrets For Everyone


homemade beauty secrets,natural beauty secrets,ancient beauty secrets,celebrity beauty secrets,cleopatra beauty secretsI personally believe that no matter what gender, what kind and what nation is, every human being has right to look and feel good and feel beautiful and for that I keep shearing some simple easy to get and easy to apply things and today I am sharing some secrets that only pro can tell you and you have to pay handful money to them, but if you ready these with care and then apply these with regularity and smartness, you would look good without paying anything at all.

  1. Harsh Cleanser Are Bad For The Skin: We use cleanser fro cleansing and keeping our skin clean and healthy and for that we try the famous and expensive brands and products, but sometime we get pimples, redness and burning sensation with that and we keep ignoring them and we believe that we will get better skin sooner, but actually it can irritate our skin and it can be bad for healthy skin, never mind sensitive or “problem” skin and if you apply something on your skin and you don’t look or feel good on first place, then you never going to get that feelings, you will never get good or better results with that, so I would recommend to try some home remedies or homemade cleansers, I can bet that rose water suits to everyone and it is one thing that you can use to clean your skin and to get better texture too and if you are not sure which one is better option for your skin then look for skin regime that we shared couple of weeks ago and you will love the simple homemade skin cleansers.
  2. Retinoids Are The Best Things For Your Aging Skin: I always says that anti aging creams and lotions that you get from Tesco and Asda are the best cause they are pure Retinoides and they are best for your skin, they don’t add artificial shades, fragrance or other vitamins. Retinoids are the only thing that your skin needs to get perfect younger looking skin, it is a chemical derivatives of vitamin A that can smooth out fine facial lines, help dryness and all kind of other ageing issues, they help thicken both the epidermis and dermis, exfoliate dead skin cells, speed the turnover of keratinocytes and it help in the prdcution of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which is a carbohydrate that serves as a lubricant for joints, muscles and skin what else? But keep one thing in mind, retinoids are horrible sensitive to sun so never use it in day time, always apply your aging creams during the night for optimal benefits.
  3. Nothing Works Better Than Sugar: I like oats mask and I love gram flour and lime for skin exfoliation, but I still say only one thing, nothing work better than sugar in that regards, if you are getting tired of changing your scrubbers then you just need to take one tablespoon of grinded sugar powder and add one teaspoon of olive oil/ castor oil/ lime / honey and apply all over your face and start scrubbing with smooth hands till it get dissolved completely and then wash with running water and you will see your skin feels moisturized, nourished, and hydrated and if you keep using that mask for every other day then you will see a tremendous change in your skin texture and your skin smoothness and it help your aging skin too.
  4. Best Body Scrub EVER: if you feel that your skin of your body look dead and dull then here is the best body mask ever and for that you just need to mix coconut oil, kosher salt or sugar, and some minced basil into a paste, and scrub all over your body and it will not only help you get fresher skin, it will keep your skin young and healthier too, and if you use a worm wrap with that or sit in sauna you will love the result.

homemade beauty secrets,natural beauty secrets,ancient beauty secrets,celebrity beauty secrets,cleopatra beauty secrets- homemade beauty secrets,natural beauty secrets,ancient beauty secrets,celebrity beauty secrets,cleopatra beauty secrets-01


Best of luck.