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Top 5 Shoe Styles You Must Own for a Complete Wardrobe

Top 5 Shoe Styles You Must Own for a Complete Wardrobe
Top 5 Shoe Styles You Must Own for a Complete Wardrobe

Women are fond of buying shoes to make a wide and unique footwear collection similarly as they are fond of having an enormous collection of clothing. There are five types of shoes without which there is no concept of a complete wardrobe. These types are as follows; read the full article and complete your wardrobe according to the instructions.

Top 5 Shoe Styles You Must Own for a Complete Wardrobe

Work-Appropriate Shoes

If you are a working lady then a pair of work shoes must be the part of your wardrobe to give it a complete look. The work shoes must look appropriate according to the environment of your work place and very comfortable so that you may feel cozy whole day. As fitting ensures the coziness of a footwear, so make sure you buy a best fitted shoe pair. Classy black heels’ pair with a closed toe or a duo of black jazz flat shoes are the best work-shoe options.

Date or Night on the Town Shoes

Along with a Little Black Dress, all ladies should also posses a number of trendy high-heel or stripy heels pairs. Whether you buy pointed heels or you prefer to go for platform heels, these foot wears should be sexy and look great with your formal clothing. Whereas there is possibility that these shoes do not work well for casual dates because these are necessary for those formal event or date where you want to have a hot and sexy look!

Athletic Shoes

Few pairs of athletic shoes as well must be the part of your wardrobe for throwing-on at the time when you want to get yourself moving. You shouldn’t skip the athletic footwear at any cost. Besides helping you in standing up to your workouts comfortably these shoes also help in preventing foot injuries.

Casual Shoes

Instead of wearing same comfortable sneakers whenever you need casual footwear, having a pair of nice and fashionable casual shoes is a much better option. You can wear these shoes for everyday jobs, lunch or dinner parties and for movie date with your pal. You can go for salsa flats, leather dropouts or suede clogs conditional on your individual style and fashion uniqueness. However, if you prefer sneaker upon all other shoe options then you should go for some chic and fashionable sneakers offered by different shoe companies.

Seasonal Shoes

Every woman should also have few pairs of seasonal footwear to protect themselves from extreme weathers. For instance, the ladies living in a cold area should have at least one pair of chic and practical boots in their wardrobe and if your region is experiencing harsh hot weather then it’s important for you to have few pairs of shoes that look great when worn to pool or beach such as formal and informal sandals, flip flops and beach shoes.

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