Top 5 Travel Beauty Tips


Traveling is enjoyed by the people of almost every age group. However, the traveler usually loses their skin and hair freshness and attraction during the tiring flight or drive. But, there are few things you can do to maintain the freshness and allure of your appearance even after a lengthy and exhausted tour. Use the below given tips and stay glowing even after you get to your destination.

Use the Right Moisturizer

While traveling via plane, the moisture level is around 10% in the cabin almost always. Since it’s very low, your hair as well as body skin feels taut, dry and dehydrated. So, it is advised to make use of a water based moisturizer the whole day before you climb on the plane. The moisturizer will keep your skin moist and hydrated thus ensure your revitalized look on arrival.

Stay Hydrated

Consuming lots and lots of water is also equally necessary while traveling. Staying hydrated is an easy and effective way to maintain skin’s freshness even after a long journey.

Wear Less Makeup

It is advised to don very little makeup or just skip it when you are get ready for a long travel. However, when you are about to reach your destination then it’s okay to wear a little powder, lip gloss and eye makeup.

Choose your clothing wisely

Your dressing as well plays important role in making you look fresh and attractive, or dull and exhausted therefore it very important to pick clothing wisely. It is advised to wear such clothes that don’t get wrinkles easily. Wearing a dark-colored dress is also a nice idea because the stains or spills, if any, won’t become visible due to the dark color.

Pack Baby Wipes

You surely won’t like to look untidy and unclean. So, for keeping yourself neat and clean after a lengthy journey, keep some baby wipes in your handbag and use when you are almost your destination.