Top 6 Ways To Take Care Of Dry Skin


Top 6 Ways To Take Care Of Dry SkinDry skin is very sensitive in nature. The sodium level of the dry skin happens to be very low which usually results in dry, rough looking skin. Here I have compiled a few highly effect ways to soothe the dry skin. Take a look on the tips and fuss over your skin accordingly. You’ll definitely feel major improvement in your skin condition.

  • Using tap water for skin cleansing is a big no-no when it comes to caring dry skin. Tap water contains deposits of harsh elements like chlorine or fluoride, which can leave your skin extra rough and dry. Always value mineral water for skin cleansing. Make it a point to cleanse your skin on daily basis so as to keep it dirt and germ free.
  • The sensitive dry skin reacts swiftly to the in apt products immediately. Therefore, it is vital to choose right skincare and beauty products to keep your dry skin feeling good. Speaking particularly of cleansing agents for dry skin, never wash your face with bar soaps. Always use specialized cleansers for your skin type.
  • Regular night treatment is another crucial step to maintain a healthier skin. Do treat your skin with an air-excluding moisturizer every night before going to bed at night. The moisturizer will replenish the moisture to your skin and thus helps enhancing skin’s elasticity besides leaving you feel fresh and moist.
  • Massage your body with baby oil after taking shower. This will help balance out the oil content of your skin.
  • Never expose your skin to alkaline soaps and detergents. Such products contain drying ingredients that can make your skin dull and dreary.
  • And last but certainly not the least, cut back on direct sun exposure so as to keep the damaging UV rays at bay. Make it sure to wear sunscreen almost half an hour before going out in the sun.