Top 7 Makeup Tips for Women with Blonde Hair & Fair Skin


Top 7 Makeup Tips for Women with Blonde Hair & Fair SkinMany fair skinned blondes don’t have any idea about how to complement their pale complexion with makeup. Whether you are making effort to conceal freckles or just want to know how to draw attention to your beauty features and look fresh, these makeup tips will definitely help you in getting the longed for gorgeous look!

Dare to Play with Bright and Vivid Colors

If you are blonde, this doesn’t mean that your eyeshadow options are restricted only to the pastel colors and shades. Rather you can also play with bright colors too. Think about browns, grays, silvers and purples to get the preferred look.

Use Right Eyeliner to Emphasize your Eyes

Blondes can wear any shade of eyeliner which is always a plus point. Gray, blue, brown and violet are among the best eyeliner shades for complementing your complexion. You can choose to use black eyeliner for achieving a dramatic effect for nighttime events.

Use Concealer to Hide Skin Flaws

If you have any skin flaws such as blemishes or freckles etc, they can become evident a lot if your complexion is fair. Therefore, a concealer can be your best pal. So, find a concealer in a shade close to your natural skin tone and add it to the areas you want to camouflage. Blend the concealer until it seems like your second skin.

Get Sun-kissed Glow with Bronzer

Dare to use bronzer to get desirable sun-kissed look, if you want. After creating a base with foundation or powder, put on bronzer in a light bronze color with a large round blush applicator. Add the color to the T-zone and cheeks.

Add Light Color to Cheeks

Overdoing with blush wouldn’t give you a less fair look rather it will make you look resembling a clown. So, as soon as it comes to pay for a blush, settle on sheer pink or neutral colors. First apply a little amount of blush color to the cheeks; check it out in sunlight and add more if required.

Choose lipsticks in Pinks and Corals

Lipstick, if applied properly, serves to brighten up the pale complexion. The light shades of pinks and corals are ideal lipstick shades for you. If you want a fresher and more natural look, use colored lip-gloss instead of lipstick.

Mascara Tip

For the daytime look, light colored mascaras are ideal for blondes while for achieving a nighttime dramatic look, dark mascara colors work well.