Top Causes of Lip Wrinkles & Treatments

Top Causes of Lip Wrinkles & Treatments
Top Causes of Lip Wrinkles & Treatments

The formation of lip wrinkles is triggered by a number of factors including overexposure to the sun, drinking directly from bottles, threading, smoking etc. However, one can easily overcome this problem by bringing few changes in one’s lifestyle.

Drinking from Bottle Causes Lip Wrinkles

Drinking any liquid such as water or cold drink etc. directly from bottle contributes a lot to formation of wrinkles in the lip area. While drinking directly from bottle, you crease in you lips to get them fit in the undersized opening of the bottle. When frequently done, the crease become permanent and finally take the form of wrinkles. It can be prevented by using glass to drink any sort of liquid.

Sun Exposure Causes Lip Wrinkles

Another cause behind lip wrinkle formation is overexposure to the sun. The damaging ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun rob natural protein from the skin which in-turn leads to the early wrinkle formation on the lips. To prevent this, apply a sunscreen before going outside your home.

Lip Wrinkles Cure from Smoking

The biggest foe of fresh and glowing skin is smoking habit. When someone smokes the hazardous nicotine, it takes away the moisture from the skin and also causes deficiency of the essential skin proteins collagen and elastin. These skin proteins help keeping the skin plumped up. The lack of protein leads to the occurrence of mild lines on the lips. So, to avoid premature lip wrinkles it is necessary to stop smoking.

Dry Lips Causes Lips Wrinkles

Lip dryness as well brings about wrinkle formation. The lips lacking moisture become extra dry; dryness then allows the cells to shrink around the lips and thereby cause wrinkles. Hence, use a lips balm to keep your lips moist always.