Treat Face Puffiness At Home


Treat Face Puffiness At HomePuffy face is one of the many issues that we deal sometime in our daily busy schedule and normally we get puffy face when we don’t have time to deal with it or see what is the issue with that face, we all try to figure it out in our own ways, some time we think that it has something to do with our eating habits and sometime we thing that we are missing our sleep and sometime think that this is cause of the way we sleep, and many many other things too, but we all don’t really care what are the real reasons of this puffy face and this can be really very dangerous. Today we are trying to make sure that you know what are the real reason and how can we get rid of this, so are you ready?

If you are not eating something new or you are not sleeping late at night and if you don’t have any kind of allergic then you should check your doctor as soon as possible, cause it can be one of the symptoms of kidney issues, or some urinary tract infection and many other system failure too which can be life threatening in near future.

The other reasons of puffiness are, lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, something is bothering your system, it can be some new food , new medicine and even some regular food which is no longer exactable foe your stomach and that normally happen with dairy products or some kind of new meat and normally that happen with rice, you would not believe how horrible this could be if you are getting these puffiness due to some food issues.just keep an eye on your regular routine to see what is giving you this puffiness.Now let’s try to prevent this puffiness.

First of all and the most importantly, you need to drink a lot of water and I am not giving you any kind o measurement that you should drink 12 glasses or 14, you just need to keep yourself hydrated because dehydration also causes face puffiness, so stay moisturized inside out.

Next thing is your intake of sodium, you should control it to normal level, if you are eating let’s say 8 units of sodium then reduce it to 4 units so in normal language you should consume around 2,000mg and see if your puffiness is actually a fluid retention or not.

Treat Face Puffiness At Home-

You need to add some extra activities in your regular lifestyle…. if you are not a regular runner still you can use a 45 minutes running or jogging and if you could arrange some green area then it would be the best that you can do to make your body feel good and healthy.

Avoid all bad habits for a while, drinking alcohol, smoking eating junk food and try to not to eat rice, bad fats and carbohydrate in your diner, try to eat a sold of fresh fruits and some chicken and see if they work for you or not, if you still get that puffy face then you probably need some medical help.
Stay healthy and live a long issue free life.