Treat Prickly Heat Rashes


The dreaded summer is here and along with it comes plenty of humidity and sweating excessively and we all know what comes next, prickly heat and harsh and drastic itchiness of summer rashes and breaks, but they are not untreatable, you can treat them very easily and if you think that this will be fruitless then you need to give a try to these tips.

First of all you need to know what is the reason of these rashes, well the heat and humidity is the direct reasons of these irritating rashes and sweat and germs are indirect cause and if you deal with these causes you will be perfectly fine with that.

Here are some simple tips for your rash and your irritating scratchy skin.

Treat Prickly Heat Rashes

These sweat rashes occur when excessive sweating blocks the sweat glands and sweat gets trapped in the skin and if you make sure that your pores and your body is perfectly fine and clean then you might never get these rashes, and for that you need to keep your skin moisture and sweat free by using a herbal talcum powder about three to four times a day and if you has not had these rashes yet then you can borck powder mixed with talcum powder.

Take three times a shower at least and use talcum powder in your double skin areas like under arm, around the neck etc and keep your body dry and clean.

When you are taking bath three times a day then let your body enjoy some bath tub smoothness too and add some hot water and baking soda and lay down in it for a while and that will help your skin and rashes.

If you mix chickpea flour with water and then apply that over the heat rashes, just gently rub doing be too harsh and then wash it off after half and hour then you will see some difference and some soothing impacts.

Gently rubbing a plain aloe vera pieces over the rashes is beneficial because of the magical medicinal properties of the plant.