Treat Your Dark Knees & Elbows


Treat Your Dark Knees & ElbowsIf you have dark knees, elbow, underarms or darker joints of your fingers than it can sabotage your confidence level very badly, sometimes we face so horrible embarrassment due to these areas and if you want to get rid of these darker areas then here are some tips for you.

What is the dark sin around these parts? Well! Basically these are the areas which need more attention due to dryness, stinky sweat and many more reason and if we ignore them for let’s say just for one week then they will start getting darker and after that they show visible difference. we just need to make sure that we are taking good care of these areas and if you think that you are taking care of them, but there are still getting darker then I guess you need help and here are some tips for you to look flawless from head to toe.

Here are home remedies to get rid of dark skin and uneven skin.

Potato: – You would not believe that potato can be the most help full remedies for your darker skin, it is a very famous natural bleaching agent and you can use it to get rid of knees, elbows, finger joints and other parts, you just need to apply some potato juice on your darker skin and I you want to make it work faster than rub a bit with a thick slice of potato over your and you will see that your skin will get lighter within one or two day and if you will keep this remedy then you will get more effects too like it will keep your skin to get harder and darker and it will keep your skin soft and even.

Cucumber:- As we used potato for our darker skin, we can use cucumber for the same way too as it has natural bleaching properties too and it can make your skin get natural oxygen too which might be blocked due to these dead cells and ski, if you are looking for some immediate results then you can try to mix cucumber juice with turmeric and lemon juice and make a smooth past of it and apply over your skin and let it get dry after some time you will see that it will get dry then scrub it off and try this past every day and soon you will see a difference.

Baking Soda: It is one of the best home remedies that you can try to get beautiful skin and fair looks, you can use it for your face too cause it is a very mild and smooth effects, if you are trying to get lighter skin of your knees, elbows, finger joints and other parts then you just need to use it while you are taking bath, just take some soda and rub it over your wet body and scrub off all the dead cells and you will see that your skin will start looking smoother and fairer even after one use, and if you have a darker skin for a long time of periods then you need to keep a past and apply over and then rub it off with wet fingers.

Coconut Oil: – If you are looking for some long term tips to get and keep your skin fairer and smoother then the answer is Coconut oil, it is loaded with Vitamin E which is best to make and keep your skin fair and smooth and at the same time it help you with cells repair too.

Sandalwood: – If you r darker skin is not a permanent issue and you are getting it just in some specific season like summer or winter then you need to deal it will Sandalwood paste, cause that is famous to make some magic impacts in such kind of situation. you just need some sandalwood powder and add it with some rose water and apply that past over your body, you can even use it over your face and lay down for 15 minutes and after that rub it off with wet hands and just keep it doing that every day and you will get smooth doll like face and body very soon.