Treating Cold Sores Help Identify, Prevent & Heal Blisters Around the Mouth


Treating Cold Sores Help Identify, Prevent & Heal Blisters Around the MouthCold sores, also called Herpes Simplex (HSV-1), fever blisters or Herpes Labialis, usually appear on cheeks, chin, lips and nostrils. Before disappearing, these painful blisters turn into yellow peevish sores. It takes almost seven days to treat a cold sore.

However, those people who are susceptible to cold sores generally get an eruption frequently. If truth be told, cold sores are very infectious and can pass from one person to another. Though there isn’t any permanent treatment or vaccine available yet, it can be temporarily cured, prevented, and kept from spreading to others by a few ways.

Before Treating Recognize the Cold Sore

Before treating the cold sores, first you have to know the way to recognize them. Caused by a number of reasons, these cold sores can lead to fever and other troublesome indicators like mouth pain.

Pre-Symptoms of Cold Sore

Before the eruption of cold sores, the skin around the affected area starts feeling tickly or burning sensation. If the preventive or remedial actions are taken immediately when the symptoms start appearing, recovery of the cold sores can be shortened. Some over-the-counter mediations or oral drugs for cold sores can be used to relieve the burning or tickly sensation.

Avoid Spreading the Cold Sores Virus

After figuring out the type of cold sore you are experiencing, stick to some simple tips. Don’t kiss or share drinks with anyone. Washout the eating utensils with a quality dish wash bar or disinfectant soap thoroughly. Also avoid touching your eyes or you will spread the infection there too. Clean the affected area with a best suited soap and water gently and change your tooth-brush after an eruption.

Take Antiviral Remedy Medicines to Accelerate Healing Process

Penciclovir, Famciclovir and Acyclovir are a few oral medicines that can be used to cure cold sores. These medicines don’t treat the sore but accelerate the healing process. The sufferer should start taking these medicines promptly when the symptoms of cold sores start appearing. Those who experience severe eruption time and again are advised to take the medicines on regular basis. Topical ointments such as Denavir and Abreva too are highly effective.

Treating and Relief of the Pain

As mentioned earlier, cold sores may be very painful sometimes therefore you can take over-the-counter pain reliever like Motrin or Tylenol while you’re curing. Ice packs or tepid milk compress may also be used to counter the pain effectually.