11 Step Lip Treatment For Chapped Lips


Lips are the most beautiful feature in your looks. The feminine lips always have a poetic importance. These features when popped up and fluffy they attract the opposite sex with magnetic attraction. But if these are dry and chapped they are painful and lost all their beauty. The severe chapped lips are usually dry and sometime bleed. There are many reasons for this as due to some allergic reaction of medicine by lipsticks which are incompatible to lip skin, hot or cold effects of climate or by repeated licking of lips. Whatever the cause may be there are some measures against this.


  1. The major cause of dry and chapped lips is the dehydration of the lips, so these must be kept moist by lip balm and by the use of some glossy lipstick.
  2. In cold climatic regions it is necessary to protect the lips from cold drought of air by the application of lip gloss.
  3. Use humidifier for keeping the humid content in air and use unflavored Vaseline.
  4. The toothpaste must be unflavored and with the gentle chemicals.
  5. Not to pick the dry skin of chapped lips because it will cause bleeding of the lips but to exfoliate with the soft cotton cloth or soft tooth brush.
  6. While using the lipsticks make sure it will have the moisturizer content in it and under the matte lipstick wear the base coat of some mild moisturizer.


  • Massage the lips with milk cream, lemon juice and rose water. It will moisturize as well as nourish the lips.
  • During the day time apply the coca butter to reduce dryness from the lips.
  • The honey also maintains the moisture content of the lips.
  • The glycerin when mixed with wheat gram applied on lips it will secure the lips from dryness and chapping.
  • Papaya contains the exfoliating enzymes and protects the lips from drying.