Tricky Ways to Enhance Your Freckles


Tricky Ways to Enhance Your FrecklesMany of our readers often asked for some right tips on enhancing the freckles perfectly and finally we are here with some five clever tricks.

If enhanced beautifully, your freckles which once were your skin flaw can become your beauty enhancer and can make you look more appealing and mesmerizing.

Take a trip below to learn the tips.

Mineral Foundation

The first and foremost tip on how to enhance your freckles to make them really shine is to use a light mineral foundation that makes your face look a bit light in order to play up your freckles. Don’t forget swiping some foundation to neck area as well so as to creating an even finish.

Tinted Moisturizer

As you’re making your most to draw out your freckles, it is advisable to ditch richer, heavier foundation and settle on something lighter instead such as a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizer will cover up any uneven skin, making your freckles look more gorgeous.

Ditch Concealer

Out third freckle-enhancement tips suggest you to steer clear of concealer and liquid based foundation as you won’t want to completely cover up your freckles.


The blusher/bronzer tip to make your freckles really pop and glister suggests you to use pink blusher or any subtle bronzer. Never use anything shimmering over your face or your freckles will be taken away by that product.


You have to pick the lipstick color wisely. Your lipstick shouldn’t overpower your freckles such as red or any other bolder color. Rather go for pinky nudes that will call attention to your skin and freckles only, not to the lips.