Two DIY Beauty Treatments That Really Work


Two DIY Beauty Treatments That Really WorkDIY beauty treatments for females spend a large portion of their paycheck for purchasing luxurious cosmetic beauty products. Are you also one of them? If you are, then I recommend you to save your hard-earned by trying DIY beauty treatments that work same to the professional ones.

The DIY beauty treatments are not only most effective and inexpensive but also 100% safe to use as they involves natural ingredients (such as honey, yogurt, coffee, tea, almonds etc.) instead of harsh chemicals. Here I have shared the recipes of two exclusive DIY beauty treatments that really work.

DIY Hand Lotion with Honey and Almonds

Your hands tell a lot about your personality so don’t ignore your hands while taking care of other parts of body. You can prepare at home hands lotion using honey and almonds. Both ingredients are well-known for their cosmetic benefits. For making the lotion, you will need one cup almond oil and same quantity of honey. Pour the two constituents in empty bottle of lotion and tight the lid strictly.

DIY Hand Lotion

Now shake the bottle vigorously. Your hands lotion is ready to use. Apply a generous amount it to your hands before going to sleep and put on old gloves. Next morning, wash your hands with a good-quality soap or cleanser and enjoy soft and fresh-looking skin. For better results use this treatment twice a week.

DIY Under-Eye Treatment Using Teabags

DIY Under-Eye Treatment

Puffy eyes are a common problem for many people. You can get rid of this problem using black or green teabags as the caffeine helps in reducing the puffiness of eyes that is linked with too little sleep. Take two used, cold green or black teabags and put them on your both eyes for at least 15 minutes. After the recommended time, you will have completely circle-free eyes. This treatment also works for inflamed under-eye circles.