Type Of Makeup Applicators


Type Of Makeup ApplicatorsIt is really very important to pay attention which applicator should buy and should use and at the same time it is very important how to apply that so today we are going to talk about how to buy and how to pick the right applicator J You need to understand that when you pick the right brand and right product and when you mix it with the perfect tools then you get what actually you wanted so here are the main tips and tricks to get the absolutely perfect results.

Sponge: – Sponge applicators are used for applying face makeup and eye makeup and these are perfect for liquid or cream based make up cause these has ability to carry and apply liquid form nicely. You can use them for applying foundation, concealer, and cream blush with that for example you can use these applicators for applying natural looking make up because they don’t leave the lines or mark of the applicators like when you use brush to apply liquid applicator then you easily see the marks of bristles over your face. Sponges are perfect to blend and mix all liquidate make up properly, but make sure that you want your sponge after every use with water and completely once a week or twice a month with any baby shampoo and that will keep them fresh, clean and bacteria free.

Puff:- We all very much filmier to these applicator cause they are not new in the line of applicators we have been seeing our mum to use it when we were little girls and we know how marvelous they feel with the powders. They are absolutely pro for applying powder in a perfect manner and you can use any kind of make up with that, face powder, eye makeup and all other too. You can use any type of puff for your make up requirements, you can find many kind of puff including feathers, cotton, fine fleece, and synthetic materials too and you can pick one you like and they all work absolutely fine.

Type Of Makeup Applicators-

Brush: – there are so many types and so many styles of brushes and they come in almost all sizes, and you can use it for face make up face makeup as well as eye makeup, you can use small ones for eye makeup, the thin one for applying the liners and eye lid make up, you can pick long one top use lipsticks and lip liners and the big one and the thick one for applying powder and blusher and the thick one is absolutely fantastic to create the illusions with foundation and blushers and you can use the wider one for contorting and concealing your bad areas.

Now I would like to share some simple and some important to words with you, try to keep your cosmetics and your tools personal, don’t use other’s and don’t let other to use your tools and keep an eye of the expire dates of tools and cosmetics and keep and check on the cleaning and mountainous of these things, you can use them for more than three months if you can talking care of them and if you are using things too regularly then you would know when to dispose things by the fragrance and the touch of these things, if you feel the smell is getting changed or you get some irritation or itching after using them then just throw them out.