Use Green Tea For Beauty


Use Green Tea For BeautyToday we are going to talk about the healthy benefits of green tea and it is not something new that we are going to talk about; cosmetic companies have been using the green tea’s potent anti-oxidant qualities and started adding it to their products for face and body and you can get millions of reason of drinking green tea and there are so many other ways too to use it and here are some simple tips for you to get the healthy and beautiful advantages form green tea.

It has been clinically proven that green tea leaves contain high amounts of anti-oxidants and it help you fight with free radicals, slowdown the procedure of aging and deal with other diseases too, These anti-oxidants work to fight free radicals when applied to the skin in the same way, you can use it in anyways at all and it will help you get beautiful body and brain and strong immune system naturally, but you don’t need to go out to buy the expensive lotions and potions that contain green tea extract, you can make it at home with your own hands too.

It is really very good to strengthening hair and for that you just need 1 litter of boiling water for about an hour and add one tablespoon of green tea in it and then use it as a final rinse and that will make your hair strong, shiny and healthy and if you maintain that routine for three times a day you will start noticing some light red shade in your hair too.

Use Green Tea For Beauty-

It is very good for your eyes too and for that you just need to keep used tea bags in your refrigerator and when you get in bed apply the two bags on your eyes and lay down for 10-20 minutes or you can even sleep with these on your eyes too, so enjoy the best and the most eyes with the most simplest and the most easiest tips.

It is great to exfoliating your body and for that you just need to dry green tea leaves and mix it with honey and some lime and apply over your dry and dull skin and keeps scrubbing till you see some light green juice coming out of your scrub and that will make you feel so fresh and so smooth.