Vasim Asghar 2012 Latest Rang Collection for Women


If you want clothes that you wear to a party, then rang Vasim Asghar 2012 collection will be right for you. The title of the collection is quite appropriate as the outfits have many colors. Embellishments on outfits and styling are quite traditional, but there is also a modern touch.

Almost all facilities in 2012 rang Vasim Asghar collection are sleeveless. The shirts have beautiful embroidery at the neckline and were sewn with many panels. The shirts are also quite long. These shirts are in vogue these days and so will be right in style if you wear any of the facilities Vasim Asghar 2012 call collection for women.

Vasim Asghar is a young and talented fashion designer in the fashion industry for some time now. He has released several successful collections during this time. They include Hello Dolly Collection, Desert Rose Collection, marry night and fascinating silhouettes. His collections have been included in many popular magazines and are liked by many people.

Pictures of all facilities in 2012 rang Vasim Asghar collection are given below